When I think of Myspace, what comes to my mind is a flood of high school memories filled with awkward picture angles, customizing my profile page, and the moment when everyone began to post about switching to Facebook.  But that is the past.  Recently Myspace has been bought by a group of investors, including Justin Timberlake, from NewsCorp.  The investors have focused on giving Myspace a completely new look and feel.  Instead of being focused on social media and connections, which would force it to compete once again with the dominant Facebook, it is focused on music and entertainment.  The site has not launched yet, as they are still working out some final glitches, however you can request an invite, or if you know someone with an account, they are allowed to invite a handful of people at specific times.


I was lucky enough to get an invitation and set up an account to check it out.  I am addicted already.  It is in no way similar to how it once was, other than for the similar logo.  The site lets you make connections with bands that you already love and helps you find new bands that are similar to the ones you have connected to by listing them on the bottom of the band’s page.  Some of the amazing benefits of the page are that once you find the bands that you like, you can connect to any of the songs that they have posted onto their page. Once you connect to the song, it is put into your library where you can listen to it at any time. You are also able to make mixes of your songs and share them with the people that you are connected to.  Another aspect of Myspace that is helpful, is that you can click an “Events” link on the musicians page which shows you all upcoming shows.  You can then be taken to the venue’s ticketing page by clicking on the link for the show you would want to go to.  There is also a radio function for each band if you would rather find new bands that way instead of surfing the site.

It is similar somewhat to both Pandora and Spotify, but has yet to use advertisements inbetween songs.  It will be interesting to see which route they will take in dealing with advertisements and to see how they compete with Pandora and Spotify.  I have not used Spotify, but I find Myspace much more personal and interesting to navigate that Pandora.

You can request an invite by clicking here.  Enjoy!