F. Scott Fitzgerlad’s The Great Gatsby must be one of my top ten favorite novels.  I have  read it 3 times for classes since High School.  Fitzgerald so easily presents the seductiveness of the American Dream and the desire for material possessions, but then highlights the destructiveness that walks hand in hand with this dream.  Since it is one of my favorite novels, I of course am extremely excited and have been anticipating the release of the newest film adaptation.

I first became very excited and began to have high expectations when the cast list was slowly released, character by character.  And what a cast it is!  Let’s start with Leonardo DiCaprio as Gatsby, because who hasn’t fallen in love with DiCaprio at one point in their life.  Whether it was as Romeo in Romeo + Juliet or as Jack Dawson in Titanic or as Amsterdam in The Gangs of New York, he has been with us through film in one way or another taking on challenging and unforgettable roles for the last 20 years.  Then, Carey Mulligan gets thrown into the picture.  I have loved her since her role in Pride and Prejudice as Kitty, and realized her true talent in An Education and followed her growth since then, so I couldn’t be happier to see her cast in this film.  She is playing Daisy Buchanan and this role will really show Mulligan’s abilities as an actress if she can pull it off well.  Finally, add in Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway.  I loved him in Pleasantville, but have not been very wowed by him since then, therefore I hope to be impressed by him in this role.  Wrap that all up with the director of Baz Luhrmann, known for Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge.  Those are two of my favorite films and I cannot wait for this next one!

Here is the trailer that was recently released: