Today was a fun day filled with a bus tour, a new lunch spot discovered, the Natural History Museum, and Princess Di’s Memorial.  Our program planned a bus tour around London with Blue Badge Guides for us this morning.  I thought it was going to be like the Red Bus tour that I had taken the first time I came to London, but it was actually much better than that.  Our guide, Nigel, was hilarious and told us a ton about London and the places we went.  He took us to a great view point of Tower Bridge, brought us to a great spot to watch the changing of the guard, and even pointed out to us where the Gringotts Bank scenes were shot in Harry Potter!!!!

After the bus tour, a bunch of us went to find a good fish and chips place by our campus.  However, we did not fare too well and Sarah, my roommate, and I decided to eat at a place called Pod.  We had passed it a few times before and the menu looked good.  We got Curry Chicken over rice with vegetables.  It was so good!  It was amazing quality of meat, and the sauce was spicy which satisfied my mexican food craving.

After lunch, Sarah and I decided to head over to the Natural History Museum.  It was so easy to get to.  We just took the Piccadilly Line to South Kensington and that tube station has underground tunnels which will take you right to whichever museum you want to go to.  So instead of walking up and through the streets to get to it, we just walked down a tunnel that was not very crowded at all.  The museum on the other hand was pretty crowded, but it was pretty cool to see everything they had.  One thing that was cool to see was Lucy.  Lucy is the skeleton that students learn about in science classes as the missing link, or at least the closest thing that scientists have discovered.  Also, the building was absolutely gorgeous with tons of fantastic stone work and stain glass windows.

Harry Potter stairs?

After walking through most of the museum, Sarah and I walked to Hyde Park to see Princess Diana’s Memorial.  It is a circular fountain with water flowing in opposite directions.

We then walked back through Hyde Park to the closest Tube and stopped at Paul’s on the way to our apartment for some coffee and French pastries!  YUM!!!!

What a day!