On my last full day in on the East Coast, we all went into the city one last time.  It was Monday and we had thought, since it was supposed to rain, that this would be the best day for the Met, which was the only thing that I had wanted to go and see while in New York.  However, on Sunday, we had discovered that the random day of the week that the Met is closed, all museums have one, is on Mondays!  I wasn’t too disappointed, what was there for me to do, but then a friend of the family told me on Sunday at the Christening party that the Met was only closed to the public that Monday, and that it was a members only day, and she was a member!  Even better, they don’t check IDs at the door when you show your card.  So long story short, I was Denise for the day!  That saved the day and even though the main exhibits were closed, I was able to see many visiting exhibits and I got 20% off at the museum store!  

I even got to try a hotdog from a street cart.  I wasn’t too sure about how they were going to be, but they were not too bad.After we went to the Met, we all walked through central park to the Natural History Museum.  We killed some time there before we met up with my cousin Emily.  We were all going to go to dinner at Serendipity 3, unfortunately they do not allow strollers inside because there is a lack of space.  We ended up going to a restaurant just a walk away on the corner of E 60th and 3rd called Brasserie 360.  It was very family friendly and the food was delicious!

New York was such a blast and I cannot wait to go back one day!  I loved just getting to walk around to see the city.  New York in the Fall! It was a beautiful experience that I will never forget and dream to relive.

Photos taken by my sister Heather.