I finally got to go to the big city!  I never thought I would ever get to see New York in my life.  I always dreamed that I could go there to get to see magnificent works of art in the Met, to walk the streets rich with architecture, and to wander through Central Park. My chance finally came when my sister and brother-in-law decided to have my nephew’s christening in Staten Island the weekend before Thanksgiving!  

We flew out of LAX on Friday and arrived that night at JFK.  We stayed at my Brother-in-law’s parent’s house in New Jersey.  On Saturday we took the Staten Island Ferry into the city and walked on the sky line, went to Union Square, saw Grand Central Station, and stood in the middle of Time Square.

The high line was an abandoned train track that the city turned into a park.  It is a fantastic mix of rustic and modern, with the juxtaposition of the plants and the metal and woodwork.  It is a great place to take tons of pictures. There are so many angles and shots available, you will easily se a majority of people with their cameras out.

We then walked to Union Square for lunch at 4 o’clock (we were definitely still on California time).  We ate at Heartland Brewery, a restaurant and bar with a pub atmosphere.  It was very good.  I had a grilled chicken sandwich that was delicious, and my sister had a pulled pork sandwich which was to die for.  After that we went to see Grand Central Station and walked through Times Square.  I must say you meet the strangest people in Times Square.  There were two men, drunk, who kept saying how cute of a baby my nephew is.  He is pretty cute though.

After Times Square we headed back to the house to get some much needed sleep from a busy day walking all over.

Pictures taken by me and my sister.  Edited by my sister.