Last month I went to see the newest Shakespeare film, not based on one of his plays, but on the writer himself, Roland Emmerich’s Anonymous.  So many people already had opinions of this film as soon as they saw the first trailer.  I definitely wanted to see the film, but I often heard people saying to me that they would never see it because there is no way that they could take it seriously.  Ya, because that is the only reason we go to the movies, to take them seriously.  My best friend Julianna and I went to see the movie and told each other going into it that we had to take it simply as historical fiction and we both ended up really enjoying it!  I would easily go and see it again.

Don’t get me wrong, there of course were things that I did not like or that annoyed me a little.  For example it is easy to get mixed up by all of the jumping around in time, but eventually you do realize when and where you are watching.  Other than that, there is nothing I can complain about.  The story is based around a conspiracy that has been around for hundreds of years, so the plot was obviously well thought out.  Aside from the conspiracy theory, there were tons of twists and turns throughout the plot line, but there was also plenty of character development.  No, not of Shakespeare, but of Ben Johnson and the Earl of Oxford, making the story that much more relatable and realistic.

If you are weary of seeing it, I would say go, but don’t go into it with high expectations, otherwise you will only set yourself up for disappointment.  Go into it with low expectations and you will come out of the theater surprised and possibly as impressed as I was.