I found a weekender bag!!!  I am so excited!  This is such a weight off of my shoulders! Today I went to H&M with my friend Emily in order to find a dress for my nephew’s christening.  I leave for New York next weekend and it will be about 45-50 degrees while I are there!  It is so hard to find an appropriate dress both for the occasion, which will be in a Catholic church, and the weather, which will be freezing, when I am shopping for it in south Orange County.  This is what I found:

With some tights, heels, a brown belt, and my trench I will be set for the christening!

But back to my weekender bag!  To start, I was not expecting to find one at H&M only because they did not have any on their website.  Now I know that it is because they are only available online overseas (same with the dress).  But this bag is perfect!  It is roomy and beige and classic and I love it!  And it was under $45!!! So great!

What is funny though about this bag is that since the satchel bag that I have is also from H&M they match!  Well I guess that is not too funny.  Oh well, Emily and I laughed.  Now I just need to double check carryon regulations and I will be set for London!!!  Less than 10 weeks until I leave!   That I so crazy!  I cannot wait!!!  I will be testing this bag when I leave for New York next weekend and will let you know how it worked out!