I absolutely love it when current artists use Shakespearian references!!! When I discover new modern uses of lines from Shakespeare’s plays I always have hope in the intelligence of our generation!

My newest discovery came last night when I was having my super nerdy Monday night puzzle night at my friend Bri’s house.  We can finish a thousand piece puzzle in less than 3 hours!  Anyway, we always watch old classics while we put a puzzle together and last night we watched Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing, starring Kate Beckinsale, Emma Thompson, Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves, Robert Sean Leonard, Michael Keaton, and of course Kenneth Bragnagh.  Besides the great cast, this movie was hilarious!  I have never read the play, but Branagh always does a great job directing Shakespeare.

Now I knew I recognized the line “sign no more” that opens the play, but it was when Branagh’s character of Benedick said “serve God, love me, and mend” that Bri stated that that line is in a Mumford and Sons song.  A few moments later, Benedick then says that “man is a giddy thing,” second line from the song.  It then hit me that the song is called “Sigh No More!”  Oh Mumford and Sons, you just got that much better!  I wonder how many people have caught onto this?  I hope many, but that just may be my optimism.  Now reading the lyrics I am catching more lines that I remember from the movie such as “one foot in sea, one on shore.”  This is so great! Props Mumford and Sons!

Much Ado About Nothing

This play was hilarious!  Bri and I were cracking up at the stupidity of the men in their actions and the stupidity of the women that not only forgave them, but then married them.  I mean would you take back a man that said in front of everyone that he would not marry you because you were not a virgin while at the altar during the ceremony!?! Hero must have really loved Claudio to take him back!  But besides that the movie was fantastic and the actors all did a great job performing it!  I cannot wait to read the play itself one day!