“Meantime, let me ask myself one question – Which is better? – To have surrendered to temptation; listened to passion; made no painful effort – no struggle; – but to have sunk down in the silken snare; fallen asleep on the flowers covering it; wakened in a southern clime, amongst the luxuries of a pleasure villa: to have been now living in France, Mr. Rochester’s mistress; delirious with his love half my time – for he would – oh, yes, he would have loved me well for awhile.  He did love me – no one will ever love me so again.  I shall never more know the sweet homage given to beauty, youth, and grace – for never to anyone else shall I seem to possess these charms.  He was fond and proud of me – it is what no man besides will ever be. – But where am I wandering, and what am I saying; and, above all, felling?  Whether is it better, I ask, to be a slave in a fool’s paradise at Marseilles – fevered with delusive bliss one hour – suffocating with the bitterest tears of remorse and shame the next – or to be a village-schoolmistress, free and honest, in a breezy mountain nook in the healthy heart of England?

Yes; I feel now that I was right when I adhered to principle and law, and scorned and crushed the insane promptings of a frenzied moment. God directed me to a correct choice: I thank His providence for guidance!”

This last summer I finally had the chance to read Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, and fell in love.  Last night when I was looking for a quote to post, I was almost tempted to read it again.  It is such a great victorian coming-of-age novel centered around a young governess learning who she is and who she wants to be while at the same time being pushed and pulled into different roles by those around her.  Jane Eyre is forced to break ties with every one she knows and everything that has become comfortable in her life in order to find her identity and has to endure the pain and suffering that comes along with being alone.  Yet she pulls through and comes out a stronger woman, more sure of herself and less concentrated on what others think of her.  It is a story filled with love and mystery, with the theme of depending on yourself and God instead of on another person who will ultimately fail you.

Okay now I might need to read this again!