a blog about London, literature, movies, art, and everything else that I find simply amazing in life.  I am starting this blog as a way to keep track of my spring semester abroad in London, England this coming year, but I am also going to post about all of the things I encounter throughout my college experience.  I am going to post about the numerous books I read, about the movies I watch, about the art that I dream to see, and about the ways that I spend my day to day life.

Now I am an outright English nerd and I am completely obsessed with books.  I could spend all day in a book store, be it the used book store down the street or the Barnes and Noble in the next shopping center.  I love reading about characters and discovering why they do the things they do.  I love reading witty and clever social satires and discovering the context they were written in and connecting that with the impact they had on the society of their time.  Lastly, I love reading classic love stories filled with numerous trials but ending in perfect joy.  Thank you Jane Austen.  Every time I come across a passage, or a story line that is just too perfect, I will post it.  Sometimes it will be along with my opinion, and sometimes I will let the words speak for themselves.

Apart from books, I also love movies; all types of movies.  I love romantic comedies, I love drama, I love musicals, and most of all I love films about different times in history (especially British history).  Before I decided to pursue teaching English, I had wanted to use my degree to be a movie critic, and I will be using this blog to share my opinions about not only the main stream movies that are highly publicized, but also about the low budget movies that no one often hears about, let alone pays to see.

Lastly I am enchanted with art and obsessed with Art History which was my major before I changed it to English.  I fell in love with Art History when I was in high school and will always want to spend whole days wandering museums to see paintings and streets to see architecture.  Learning history was never so fun as when I learned it through an artist’s perspective.  As I travel across the world, across the country, and across California, I will share the art I have waited and longed to see as well as the art that I will discover along the way.

Well, that is me in a nutshell.  Enjoy!